The FORPSI server room Regulations

The Regulation of the FORPSI server room Ktiš - Datacenter FORPSI

1. This document regulates the conditions of the service operation in the FORPSI in the server room in Ktiš.

2. The server must be placed according to instruction of the INTERNET, a.s. employee.

3. The server must be visibly labelled with a label. The label will be placed on the server by the INTERNET CZ, a. s. Employee after placing the server on the dedicated position. The server case must be completely closed (including the fully tightened screw-bolts) for the safety risk elimination. We do also recommend to our customers to put the self-adhesive seals.

4. It is also recommended to have involved the LED diodes on the server (signalling that the server is on) for easier analysis of its functionality.

5. Standard dimensions of the tower server are 450x240x500 mm (HxWxD), rack server 1U up to 4U. If Customer requests placing of the machine with larger size, they should contact INTERNET CZ, a.s. and negotiate individual conditions of operation.

6. For the run of the server the complete cabling is available and prepared. It is not allowed to use other than pre-allocated and approved means (position, cabling, el. input, IP and MAC address range). When using your own peripherals it is not allowed to leave them in the server room. Exceptions are only possible by prior written agreement with the staff of INTERNET CZ, a. s.

7. The server connection means the connecting one physical server to our backbone network and to distribution of electric energy to power 300 W. In case of using a stronger source, the Customer is obliged to notify INTERNET CZ, a. s., and negotiate individual conditions of operation.

8. It is not allowed to distribute into INTERNET CZ, a.s. network traffic own routers, switches and DHCP servers (especially Router Advertisement, VRRP, CARP, HSRP, GLBP, STP, LACP, BOOTP, DHCP). Exceptions are only possible by prior written agreement with the staff of INTERNET CZ, a.s.

9. If the Customer needs to take away the server from the server room (e.g. because of extensive service adjustment), it is necessary to inform in written the Provider INTERNET CZ, a. s. via customer support portal (, and to agree the dates of the server returning.

10. If the customer needs to make some adjustments that can be made in the datacenter (it is not necessary to pick up the server), it is necessary to inform in advance in written the Provider INTERNET CZ, a. s. via customer support portal (

11. The server room is accessible for the authorized persons on working days (8:00 – 16:00) without restrictions. If customer needs to ensure repairs except this time, it is necessary to arrange the visit in advance with employee of INTERNET CZ, a.s. On weekdays it is possible by agreement to ensure access into the datacenter until 9 p.m. For organizational reasons, we prefer visits on weekdays during the aforementioned time. For operational reasons it is not possible to ensure the repairs in the datacenter on the weekend. In exceptional cases, we could allow the repairs on the weekend upon written agreement with an employee of INTERNET CZ, a.s. sent via customer support portal.

12. INTERNET CZ, a.s. reserves the right to lock up the server room promptly in case of crisis situation or by reason of rebuilding indoors. The access to persons not listed as authorized person by the service will be provided only upon written request of the owner for ensuring the single entry sent via the customer support portal.

13. It is forbidden to leave the wrappage etc. in the server room. Consuming food and drinks as same as smoking and/or using the open fire is also absolutely prohibited.

14. By placing the server into the server room Customer confirms their agreement with this Regulation. Company INTERNET CZ, a. s., reserves the right to change the regulation rules. The Customer will be informed of any changes in advance via contact email.

15. This regulation is valid from 1.12.2012.