Housing Prague

  • rented area of airconditoned datacenter with modern securing
  • great accesibility for customers from all Czech republic, near main roads
  • nonstop access for our customers
  • one fixed IP address included in price

from 52.30 €/month ( 63.28 € with VAT)

Housing offer

Prices are for one month of service operation excl. VAT / incl. VAT.

connectivity price
100 Mbit, aggregation 1:5, unlimited data transfer 52.30 € / 63.28 €
100 Mbit, aggregation 1:2, unlimited data transfer 156.50 € / 189.37 €
100 Mbit, aggregation 1:1, unlimited data transfer 259.40 € / 313.87 €

The servers are placed in the identified areas in the datacenter CE Colo a.s. with a backup source, generator and air conditioning. The premises are secured by alarm, camera system and permanent 24-hour service. The server room is located in a well accessible location in Prague - CE Colo Data Center. If you are interested in a placing your server in this locality, contact us with your inquiry.

For customer servers are ready rack cabinets or shelves (for placing the tower servers). The rack server is possible to place only with the own slides. In the server room are available monitor, keyboard and mouse. Reboots are made in this server room without assistance, i.e. without a connected monitor and keyboard. Server room is continuously accessible only to authorized persons who the customer identifies ahead. Detailed information about the conditions of the server room is available on the Server room regulations.