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  • we are the largest registrar of .CZ domains
  • we rank among important registrars of .SK and .EU domains
  • we offer the 50 most popular domain name endings (TLD) from all over the world
  • we support domain securing using DNSSEC technology
Get your new EU or .CLOUD domain at discounted price this March 2021

Domains .CLOUD are available at discounted price for 149 Kč this March, a price increase is planned by the central registry in April. .EU domains are offered at a great value for only 39 Kč. This special offer is valid until March 23, 2021, the prices are without VAT and are valid only for the first year of registration of a new domain.

.SK domains transfer

Transferring .SK domain name is now much simpler. When you request a transfer of your .SK domain name you must first pay a 1-year renewal fee and get an AUTH-ID code for transfer from your current registrar. The renewal fee in line with our pricelist is at present 299 Kč + VAT. Once the renewal fee has been paid we will send you a link where you insert the AUTH-ID code and confirm the transfer of your .SK domain name. When the transfer has been successfully completed the expiration date of your domain name will be prolonged for one year. This way you will pay only for the renewal (prolongation), not for the transfer itself. You can now change the registrar of your domain name at any time. Please find more information here.

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.CZ domains

.CZ domains
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  • domain ownership change
  • monitoring state of requests
  • DNS server change (NSSET)
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