Additional services

4.50 €/month
from 2.25 €/month (2.73 € with VAT) for 1st year

WP Ready

WP Ready offers everything you need to build your own website. The service includes preinstalled CMS WordPress as well as a package of useful plugins. The webhosting is optimized for WordPress, which results in faster loading times of your website. We will take care of the security as well. With WP Ready, you get free DV SSL certificate and DNSSEC. It is possible to order e-mail services together with WP Ready.

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0.80 €/month
0.40 €/month (0.48 € with VAT) for 1st year

Hosting Basic

Hosting BASIC, as the name implies, is the most basic type of hosting from our offer. It is suitable for simple web presentations, microsites or just a simple company profile.
Hosting BASIC includes 1 GB of space for your website, 1 GB for database and it supports PHP. There are no e-mail services included in the service. You can order e-mails separately.

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3.30 €/year (3.99 € with VAT)


The Domain Redirect service points your domain or subdomain to another existing website i.e. it specifies which website will be opened when the vistors type the name of your domain in their internet browser. You can use the Redirect service for your domain or subdomain for which you don't have any web hosting and you want to point it to another already existing webpage under your control. The Redirect service can be activated on any domain using the FORPSI DNS servers. You can simply edit the ordered Redirect on the domain card in your Customer account.

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0.40 €/month (0.48 € with VAT)


You can have emails sent from your own domain name and your emails will look trustworthy and professional. The service includes 5 mailboxes, each with 1GB of storage space. Intelligent antispam and antivirus programs are included. Mailboxes can be accessed via POP3, IMAP and web interface. The capacity of the mailboxes can be increased via GIGA mail service, you can also increase the number of mailboxes with a service called Unlimited number of mailboxes. Should you need to share data with your colleagues or family, use BUSINESS mail.

Order a domain with E-mails

from 0.40 €/month (0.48 € with VAT)

GIGA mail

It allows to expand storage capacity of mailbox up to 10 – 30 GB, depending on webhosting plan. Set up can be changed as needed in steps of 1 GB. The price is for 5 GB. With GIGA mail you can increase the capacity of your mailboxes in your service E-mails.

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0.40 €/month (0.48 € with VAT)


The service BUSINESS mail extends the functions of the webmail for sharing data (events, contacts, tasks, notes and web storage files) with the email accounts of your domain, adding tasks and notes, and synchronizing data with local email clients. In addition it provides access to the web storage for documents, including an editor for documents and images and allows you to manage up to 4 external email accounts through just one email account.

​Included features: personal address book and calendar (incl. internet ones), external accounts, contacts, events and tasks synchronization, web storage, tasks and notes.

Data sharing can be used also for mailboxes in your service E-mails.

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2.00 €/year (2.42 € with VAT)

WHOIS Privacy

Whois Privacy is a service that offers above-standard protection of domain owner's contact information. It allows to completely hide your personal information in public database WHOIS and to protect these data even from those who are authorized to acquire them. Protect your personal information - your email, phone number or adress - from misusage! Whois privacy is available for generic domains (e.g. .com, .net, .org) and new generic domains (e.g. .agency, .beer, .camera). You can manage (activate, deactivate) the service through your Customer administration on the Domains tab.

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1.60 €/month (1.94 € with VAT)

Unlimited number of mailboxes

This service enables you to setup an unlimited number of email accounts on a domain instead of just those included in the chosen hosting package.


1.60 €/month (1.94 € with VAT)

Catch all mailbox

The catch-all address is setup of only one mailbox, that allows to receive emails sent to non-existing addresses on the same domain.

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Free DNS

Domain names registered at FORPSI can use FORPSI DNS servers for free. The advandage of using FORPSI DNS servers is their set-up in different geo locations (DC Ktiš, DC Ce Colo Praha and Italian DC IT2 Arezzo). This assure higher safety and resistance of DNS service against failure of one of the locations.

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DNSSEC on .CZ domains

Activation of DNSSEC on your domain can strengthen trust in your services on Internet. DNSSEC helps you to protect your website from redirection to fraudulent websites and prevents abuse of your email address. We offer free activation of DNSSEC for .CZ domains registered at FORPSI and using the FORPSI DNS servers. You can simply activate the DNSSEC service on the domain card in your Customer account – via „Turn on DNSSEC“.

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Free Business Card Website for your domain

Free Business Card Website is and additional service for your domain registered at FORPSI. You can simply fill in the FORPSI Business Card Website template and your webpage will display information about your company, your logo and contacts. Such website can be freely activated or edited on the domain card in your Customer account. Your free Business Card Website can be activated on any domain using the FORPSI DNS servers which doesn't have any web hosting service registered at FORPSI.

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from 4.00 €/each (4.84 € with VAT)

Domain Expiration Notification by registered letter or phone

Do you wish to be notified of your domain expiration by telephone or registered letter? Simply activate this additional service and we will contact you 14 days prior to the due domain expiration date by a registered letter or a phone call. You can activate the service on the domain card in your Customer account.