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Do you manage a larger amount of domains?
Would you like to manage them easily?
Try F-Gate

F-Gate is a gateway that allows you to conveniently manage a large number of endpoints (FTP). You can create any number of F-Gate accounts to which you can connect any number of endpoints, and you can set different rights (read /write) for each endpoint in each account.

For example, you can create an F-Gate account for your graphic designer in which he only has access to folders /graphics on the target FTPs.

Service characteristics

  • Price per 1 connection - 0,20 EUR/month + VAT (0,24 EUR incl. VAT)
    (1 package = 5 connections)
  • Ability to manage all your FTPs
  • SFTP/SCP (File Transfer over SSH/Secure copy) connection
  • User access to a specific folder
  • Setting user rights (read/write)
  • Possibility of automation via SSH
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Example of an invoice calculation:

For example, you have 30 endpoints (FTP) defined in the F-Gate service. This number does not affect billing.
You also have 3 F-Gate accounts with different rights and 3 endpoints in each account.
In total, you have 9 connections and these will be considered as used.

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