To create an online showcase for your shop, and at last launch the e-Commerce platform you've always wanted.

Create your own e-shop and start selling your products or services

  • With the F-Page SHOP service you can easily enter the world of e-commerce, i.e. you can sell your products online.
  • You can design a simple e-shop yourself, without the help of professional designers or developers, which brings significant financial savings.
  • You need a short, punchy and easy to remember name for your online store. Register this name as a domain, if the domain already exists, just link it to your project.
  • Use the new booking form feature for online services (e.g. courses, counselling), and for offline services (e.g. beauty, car repair). Book an appointment online according to your pre-set options. Also suitable for registering (and paying) for courses, workshops, webinars...
2 160 CZK + VAT/year
2 613,60 CZK VAT incl.

Easy to master

Simple, easy-to-use Editor using a drag and drop system, ideal for creating own blog, website or eshop even for those with no web design or programming experience.


Great design

Font styles, images, texts, colours: with F-Page you can choose every detail of your website or e-shop. With many options and simple customization, your site will always be unique.


Optimized for mobiles

Your websites and e-shops will have a responsive design: they will adapt to any screen size. Even the editor can be used on a smartphone or tablet.


Booking and appointments

Customers can book appointments online, the system will show the booked time in your calendar and automatically send the customer a reminder of the appointment in advance.

Multiple payment methods

Multiple payment methods

Give your customers the option to pay by PayPal, PayU, Stripe or via Bank Transfer.

No commission

No commission

The billing of the service is transparent: no additional or hidden charges.


How to create your e-commerce platform in just a few minutes

1. Choose a name

The first step to creating a website or an e-shop is choosing a domain name. If you start with a trial version, the website will run for 30 days on a temporary web address. If you then move to the paid version SHOP, you need to have your own domain registered for the project.

2. Choose your look

Choose the colours and font you want, design the page layout and insert your logo: create the design of your dreams for your website.

3. Enter your content

Enjoy the simplicity of the drag and drop system, drag items to where you want them using your mouse or on your smartphone: entering content and images is like child's play!

4. Start selling online

With F-Page SHOP you can easily add products and services to your e-shop catalogue, manage stock, set up shipping and payment methods.

Examples of our customers' websites built on F-Page

With our predefined templates and graphic elements you too can create a great looking website for you projects.


All the features of F-Page SHOP

Domains ordered separately
DV SSL Certificate (https) DV SSL Certificate  
Booking an appointment  
Possibility to pay in advance online  
Setting up service intervals  
Synchronisation with calendar  
Notification of an upcoming meeting  
Online webinar option for participants  
Maximum number of products 2500
Product catalogue  
Import and export products  
Payments via PayPal, PayU, Stripe and bank transfer  
Connection to accounting systems  
Manage deliveries  
Connection to carriers  
Manage orders  
Inventory and stock management  
Manage coupons  
Connection to price comparison sites  
Sync with the Facebook Store  
International sales options  
Creation of customer accounts  
Automatic invoicing  
Automatic order processing  
Drag & drop  
Pre-configured themes by category  
Edit all elements online  
Installation or set-up wizard  
Introductory tutorial  
Simplified menu  
Templates for customized themes  
Editable background  
Customizable favicon  
Customizable pages  
Image editor (color, light, border, crop etc.)  
Create lists and columns  
A range of layouts  
Adjusting the button position  
Manage logo  
Restaurant menu  
Optimize pages and manage SEO options  
Customer journey tracking  
Advanced contact form  
Redirect 301  
Multilingual site  
SSL certificate  
SSO access  
Social media integration  
Manage articles  
Import from WordPress  
Manage Privacy/Cookie Policy  
2 160 CZK + VAT/year
2 613,60 CZK VAT incl.