A good address speaks for you

An e-mail address with your domain name represents you just like your business card, website or company logo. What do you think sounds best? A generic e-mail name.surname@geemail.com or a personalized e-mail jan@zizkovsky.cz? And what about your company? You can have an e-mail with a local provider, such as orders@whoonearthcanrememberthis.cz or an e-mail that clearly represents your company: orders@mybusiness.cz.

The old saying goes „With money you can buy a house in Prague“. If you had loads of cash you could get yourself a house at a good address. Now you can have a good address with Forpsi for a few bucks. Our E-mail service costs only € 0,40 a month (+VAT).

Main advantages of an e-mail address with Forpsi

  • 5 mailboxes
  • 1 GB of space for each mailbox
  • 24/7 customer support
  • optional additional mailboxes
  • access via web interface
  • antivirus
  • antispam
  • automatic replies
  • optional additional mailbox space

I already have a domain

0.40 + VAT / month
an e-mail to an existing domain

If you already have a domain registered with Forpsi, you can easily set up an e-mail account with up to five mailboxes and use it right away.

New domain + E-mail

from 0.48 + VAT / month
a new domain + E-mail

Order a new domain from our wide selection of domain extensions for regular or discount prices and set up your own e-mail account.

I want to transfer my domain

from 0.40 + VAT / month
your domain and set up e-mail

If you have a domain registered with a different provider, you can easily transfer it to us and set up your own e-mail account.

I want e-mail and webhosting

from 1.30 + VAT / month
Forpsi Package Easy

If you want your own website and an e-mail account, our webhosting packages are what you need. They provide 100 GB of space for your website and included 100 mailboxes with 1 GB.