FORPSI Managed server


The ideal solution for your website or e-shop. Your own reliable server managed by professionals - that's the Managed server by FORPSI.

Server entirely managed by our technicians  

Server is managed by our team of technicians. You don't need to worry about hardware anymore.

Exceptional performance and reliability  

We use high quality and reliable servers made by Dell.

Server tailored to your needs  

Whether you need a mail server, web server, eshop server, database server, accounting server, Windows VPS, Linux VPS or any other reliable server, our managed services are the go to solution.


All the data are backed up regularly.

Nonstop monitoring  

Your managed server is under constant supervision.

Physical or virtual server  

Physical managed server or virtual managed server - it is up to you which of these options you choose.

Nonstop customer support  

Our technicians are here for you 24/7.

Possibility of performance scaling in the cloud environment  

Possibility to add or remove resources according to your current needs.

Assisted cloud migration option  

Assisted migration is one of the ways to switch to a managed server. Our team of specialists will help you to move the data from your original storage.

Check out some sample configurations or proceed directly to

Cloud VPS
Managed VPS


60 EUR
month + VAT
(72,60 EUR VAT incl.)

  • 1 x vCPU

  • 1 GB RAM

  • 20 GB HDD

Cloud VPS
Managed VPS


104 EUR
month + VAT
(125,84 EUR VAT incl.)

  • 2 x vCPU

  • 4 GB RAM

  • 100 GB HDD

Cloud VPS
Managed Server


164 EUR
month + VAT
(198,44 EUR VAT incl.)

  • 6 x CPU

  • 16 GB RAM

  • 2 TB HDD