SSL certificates

What’s an SSL certificate?

The SSL protocol is used to secure communication against eavesdropping and to authenticate communicating parties. Private information and data are encrypted and user has a guarantee that they are communicating with those they originally wanted to communicate with. The addresses of the sites secured with SSL begin https:// and these sites are favoured in search results.

The SSL certificate should be used mainly for websites with e-shops and other sites that need to handle their user’s personal information, passwords, credit card details etc.

You can find more information about SSL certificates and how they work in our Knowledge base.

Offered certificates


DV SSL certificate provided by Actalis is free for all our customers using either one of our webhosting or package plans. Installation takes less than 5 minutes and the whole process is done through Customer administration. The certificate is supported by all main internet browsers on PC, tablets and smartphones. As soon as the certificate is installed your website will be accessible through the secured protocol (https). Terms and conditions for obtaining a free DV SSL certificate can be found HERE.


QuickSSL certificate is suitable for security of the encrypted transactions between the website visitor and the server. QuickSSL certificate doesn´t provide information about the identity of the website keeper, provides only information about the domain. This certificate is fully trustworthy in all of the major browsers from the versions IE 5.01+, Netscape 4.7+ a Mozilla 1+ up to the present day and is fully trustworthy too in all of the modern browsers, incl. the modern devises smartphone etc.


RapidSSL is a 128/256 bit certificate supported by the vast majority of current browsers. Its advantage is an easy installation. RapidSSL offers an ideal variant of the security simple e-shops and business transactions for the low cost.

RapidSSL Wildcard

RapidSSL Wildcard is a 128/256-bit SHA-2 certificate for securing all subdomains. Its main advantage is the support of a vast majority of modern web browsers along with easy installation. It allows you to secure large systems with multiple subdomains for a low price.

Let's Encrypt

Let's Encrypt is an internet-based certification authority, supported e.g. by Mozilla Foundation, Akamai, Cisco Systems and Chrome. It is an automatic service, which provides an applicant with a trustworthy certificate after a simple verification. Let’s Encrypt certificates are supported by all variants of FORPSI shared webhosting. The issuing and automatic renewal of these certificates is free of charge. For reliable functionality of this feature, it is necessary to keep the secure domain directed to the FORPSI webserver.

The price of the SSL service consists of the fee for the run of the SSL service and of the fee for the certificate creation. The offered trusted SSL certificates can be ordered for our serverhosting services (Virtual server, Dedicated server), possibly even without using some of these services. Current prices are listed in the price list below.


item price comments
SSL service 50,- CZK / 60,50 CZK / month SSL with SNI works with the standard https port 443
DV SSL certificate FREE issued by Actalis certification authority
RapidSSL certificate 800,- CZK / 968,- CZK / year issued by an international certification authority for 1 year
QuickSSL certificate 1650,- CZK / 1996,50 CZK / year issued by GeoTrust for 1 year
RapidSSL Wildcard certificate 2800,- CZK / 3388,- CZK / year issued by an international certification authority for 1 year
Let's Encrypt certificate FREE issued by Let’s Encrypt certification authority

We are also able to provide certificates from authorities Symantec, GeoTrust, thawte, TrustWave and Comodo. If you are interested in these certificates or you have any questions, contact us.