Dell DRAC Cards

Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) is a system of hardware management. This solution allows remote server management, restoration of crashed system and function of power control for Dell PowerEdge ™ hardware. iDRAC cards are available in a different versions which differ in their features. More information about the DRAC cards can be found in Knowledge base.

The powerful DELL PowerEdge servers, as well as many other servers, are equipped with BMC module that is used mainly for remote administration and hardware diagnostics. BMC operates independently on used operating system and it does not matter whether the server is on or off. In order to be able to administer BMC, a public IP address must be assigned for it. Activation and operation of BMC is for all supported DELL servers free of charge. If you are interested in activation of BMC, contact us through the contact form.

Prices are for one month of service operation VAT excl. / VAT incl.

type price
BMC 0.00 € / 0.00 €
iDRAC 7 Enterprise 8.00 € / 9.68 €

KVM over IP

We also offer remote server administration using KVM over IP. It is an emulation of physical connection of keyboard, mouse and monitor to the server. It is, for example, used by customers in case of server remote access failure using SSH or RDP. KVM connection is for free. You can request KVM connection using contact form.